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GoldUSD 1,202.80
SilverUSD 14.21
PlatinumUSD 818.80
PalladiumUSD 1,032.30

Gold Bullion Investment

Gold is the gold standard of all currency as it is both stable and universal, and has been for thousands of years which means investing in gold has always been a stable investment. Currently gold is the most valuable of the precious metals, out valuing even platinum and palladium. This value is driven by a number of factors, firstly its demand in technology and science is forever growing, for example high quality headphone jacks are gold plated. Secondly the luxury items market has always been a big customer of gold and always will be. Thirdly more whale sized investors are turning to gold to hold their assets, this includes most countries which hold nations wealth in gold bars (look at Fort Knox for example) . It is also rarer then people think, most house hold gold is very thin and mixed with other alloys, but all the gold mined in the world is equal to just 3.42 swimming pools. For more information into our gold IRA enquire now at the link below.

American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagle is the official gold bullion of the USA and are released on an annual basis. Typicallythey will have two images the first will be the officla logo of American Eagle and the symbol of the USA “an eagle” the second is often an iconic image most commonly Lady Liberty as seen in the picture here. The coins come in four different weights from 3 familiar designs. IT is one of the most revered gold items for collectors as it is guaranteed purity from the credit of the USA. Read more about American Gold Eagle.

Gold Canadian Maple

Gold Canadian Maple is the official bullion of Canada minted in the Royal Canadian Mint. With a consistent gold content of 99.99+% it {and even achieving .99999) is one of the most popular bullions offered purely for investment. You will find these coins with the symbol of Canada “the maple leaf” and on the other side you will find Queen Elizabeth II. IN circulation since 1979. Minted and realeased on an annual basis and available from 1/20 to 1 whole ounce. Read more about Canadian Maple leaf.

Union Bank of Switzerland

Minted only in Switzerland this bars take there name from Switzerland’s largest bank and are particularly rare. As the bank is derived from royalty these bullions attract a rather impressive royal clientele, including kings and queens from around the world. The purity stands at 99.99% and come in 1 or 10 Ounce bullion options. This 1 ounce as the cheapest option means you will need a minimum investment of Circa $1300 for purchase or inclusion in an IRA.