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Bullion’s are defined as large quantities of precious metals, usually gold or silver and can come in the form of coins or bars and measured by their weight. As they are measured by weight they must have a high purity level. Due to this strict regulation in the investment markets, only official bullion producers such as American Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf can be counted as full value based on their weight. Gold Bullion’s are currently the most valuable. Investing in bullions can be done in a number of ways, most commonly by opening a precious metals Individual Retirement Account which holds certain tax benefits over simply buying and storing bullion’s yourself. The only disadvantage in opening an IRA for your bullion’s is most companies have a minimum deposit amount, usually $10k. However you can also rollover your 401K to a Gold IRA.

Gold is typically the most valuable form of bullions per ounce and commands such a high price it is even traded in grain measurements. Regulation for bullions can vary, for European produced bullion’s bars must have a minimum purity of 99.5% whereas coins can be much lower at 90%. The one major downside to investing in bullion’s is the high cost of storage and insurance, however these fees reflect their value as an investment asset.

Bullions can come in a range of sizes and these are normally measured in ounces, starting from as little as 1/10 ounce coins to 10 ounce bars, or even larger such as 1KG bars also known as a gold brick. Such things as cold bricks are rare as 10 ounce can easily be worth 12,000-13,000 dollars. Investing in these bullions is different to investing in precious metal luxury goods such as jewellery as the purity is guaranteed and premiums are better  thus better value for money. In addition to this an IRA account can only accept regulated bullions.


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